Molten Lava cake

Its one of the dessert you would like to have on a romantic date. The best part I love about this Dessert is the chocolate in the center which melts in your mouth.It can be made easily at home within 30 minutes.This will make 4 small lava cake.

Lets get started with the ingredients:

1 Cup dark chocolate chopped into small pieces.
1/3rd cup powdered sugar.
100 grams butter salted.
2 large eggs.
4 table spoon of all purpose flour (Maida).
1 tea spoon of coffee powder.

Confectionary sugar for dusting (Powdered sugar)


Preheat Heat the oven to 180 degree C that is 350 degree F.
Grease the inside of the molten lava cake mould with some butter and dust with some confectionery sugar keep aside.

Place the chocolate, coffee powder and butter together in a bowl and melt it by placing it over a bowl of simmering water. Make sure the bowl is not touching the water.( double boiler technique).

Whisk sugar and eggs together till it gets thick and pale yellow.
With electric hand blender it should take only 3 to 4 minutes and approximately 10 minutes using a wire whisk.

Add melted chocolate mixture and all purpose flour to the eggs and sugar mixture and fold in.

Fill in the lava cake mould and bake for about 10  to 12 minutes.
*** If you don’t want to bake it at this moment, just cover the mould with some aluminum foil and refrigerate it, can stay in the fridge for 5 to 6 hrs. Remove it out and leave on the counter top for 10 min and then bake for 10 to 12 minutes***

Serve it directly in the mould or flip it up side down in a dish.

Dust it with some confectionary sugar or serve it with some berries and mint leaves.

Enjoy this quick and simple recipe and hit like button rite now.

Baking time will differ from oven to oven.

The edges should be firm and the center must be runny.

Serve it warm.

Thanks for reading.

Molten lava cake


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