Chakali is also known as murukku, chakari, chakkuli, akar kelapa. It is commonly made by mixing rice flour, urad dal flour dough. In Mumbai it is made during the festival of diwali with many other sweets and snacks. My mom made this for me when I was home last month for Raksha Bandhan, she packed a box full of it and today when I was munching on the last last few pieces I decided to post it.

Its completely different from the store bought chakali. I just love them. This recipe is really technical 1 small mistake and the final product will not be crispy.


500grm all purpose flour (maida)

50 grams yellow moong dal (Golden Grams)

1 cup water

25 grams white sesame seeds

1 table spoon hot oil

1 table spoon red chilly powder

salt as per Taste

1 tea spoon roasted fenugreek seeds powder

OIL for deep frying


We need a big pressure cooker with 2 separators.

Add 1 cup of water in the pressure cooker.

place the grid ** cooker ke Jaali**( it will help in minimizing the flame contact between food and the box base).

wash and place the moong dal along with some water in the lower cooker separator (cooker box) place it on top of the grid.** we have to pressure cook the dal**

Shift the all purpose flour and then place it over a cotton cloth and tie a knot. (like a Potli) and place it over the upper cooker separator and close the lid.

After 2 long whistle switch of the gas let the cooker cool down remove both the containers and let it cool completely.

Now if you notice the dough will become very hard after it cools down. ** we have to break the hard dough into powder and then shift the dough** Can use a rolling pint to break it or just grind it in a mixer small portion at a time.

Shift the dough again and make sure there are no lumps.

Add The cooked moong dal, fenugreek seeds powder, red chilly powder, sesame seeds, 1 table spoon hot oil. Combine it well.

Make a smooth and soft dough using some warm water. *** the dough should not be too hard nor too sticky***

In the chakali maker place some dough and shape it in circular motion.

Deep fry in medium low heat.


Follow all the steps and measurement properly.

Cool down completely and keep in an air tight container.

Thank you for reading us.


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