Chocolate Mousse recipe

If you are a chocolate lover like me you are absolutely going to love this one.



200 grams of Dark chocolate chopped.

1 table spoon coco powder.

1/4th of a tea spoon of coffee powder.

1 cup Chilled heavy cream/whipping cream .

4 table spoon sugar.

1 tea spoon butter.

1 egg.



Place the chopped chocolate, butter, coffee powder and coco powder in a heat proof bowl.

Place the bowl over simmering water and melt the chocolate mixture.

Beat the egg and sugar till its thick and pale yellow.

Mix the egg and melted chocolate gently and keep aside.

Whip the cream and gently combine it with the chocolate egg mix.

Divide the batter in 4 small cups or in 2 big glass and cover with cling wrap and keep in the fridge for 6 hr or over night


Dust some confectionary sugar or top it up with some freshly whipped cream before serving.



Must use heavy cream (35% fat or above) or else It wont whip.


Thanks for reading.







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