Pasta In White Sauce

Its one of my favorite pasta recipe. Easy, quick and delicious.

Serves 2


1 cup pasta ( I like to use macaroni )

1 table spoon butter

2 table spoon chopped garlic

1 cup corn (cooked)

1 tea spoon olive oil

1/2 cup sliced capsicum

salt and pepper

For the white sauce:

1 cup milk

1 tea spoon all purpose four (Maida)

1 table spoon cream cheese


Cook the pasta in salt water and then drain the excess water and run some cold water over it.

Cold water will stop the cooking process. Drain the excess water and add a tea spoon of olive oil to the pasta and keep aside.

In a pan add a cup of milk, Bring it to boil and then add all purpose flour and cream cheese and keep whisking it for 2-3. minutes. keep aside.

Heat a table spoon of butter then add garlic and then add corn and capsicum and stir fry for few seconds then add boiled pasta, salt and pepper and mix gently. now add the white sauce and mix gently for few seconds on low flame.

Serve it hot.


Be careful on adding salt as we have cooked pasta in salt water and cream cheese is also a little salty.

You can also add more milk to give it more liquidly texture.

You can add any vegetable of your choice.

Thanks for reading.


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